Greater Works Business Services LLC was founded in 1998 in Birmingham, AL as Our Private Moments, a personal/commercial consulting firm dealing with business formation, personal mentorship, and event planning. Its founder, Keith O. Williams, was a small business fanatic with a passion for helping people becoming entrepreneurs. As time went on, OPM added website design to its list of service options. The company became known as Our Private Moments Internet Merchantile Worldwide in 2000 as it catered to small businesses who could not afford the high cost of establishing and online presence. The company moved to Virginia with satellite operations in Fredericksburg, Richmond/Petersburg, and Hampton Roads. In 2005, the company became known as Greater Works Business Services when it added solutions to help small business stay in business. Services added were electronic commerce design, software development, computer repair, advertising, desktop publishing, and website hosting. Individuals, churches/ministries, and nonprofit organization were added to the catering pool due to complaints of not having affordable service options. In 2016, Greater Works dismantled its Virginia satellites and return to Birmingham, AL with a deeper mission to expand information technology to an area where its popularity was very light in nature. Political candidates now have the opportunity to reach a wide audience with campaign tools aiding in winning elections. We still are focusing on the small, the affordable, and out-of-reachers. This will lead us to even bigger clients and a share of the Central Alabama market and beyond. Check out our 10th anniversary and 20th anniversary pages to see what we have accomplish.