Our Mission

We believe in providing the best, quality services at an affordable cost. With technology and trends changing constantly, we are dedicated to learn, grow, and stay updated so your business and your website can have to very best and the best latest. We never treat our clients by a number, but by name; a personal interactive from start to finish. Not only that, we will stay with you long after the project is finish. We just don’t believe in working and moving on, but believe in long lasting networking and partnerships. You and Greater Works a win-win partnership.

Our Vision

When an individual, a business, a church, or a nonprofit cannot afford the high cost of having an online presence, that is where we come in. We are in the business to allow people and businesses to grow, forming positive relationships, and helping people make money, helping others, and spread a worthy cause. If we have help at least one person daily, we can make a difference.

Why Choose Us?

We have the best technology around and always staying up with the latest trends with nothing but savings for you.

The turnaround time to design your website is less then seven days so you can get on the internet fast. For computer programming issues, it might take a little more time, but we want to do things right the first time.

No one can give you greater results than Greater Works Business Services, just ask the our past clients about our services.

We can do more for less because we don’t believe in over charging. That is why our solutions are beyond restriction so you can do what is best: run your business or organization. For a list of solutions we offer, you can click on our brochure.

Our Promise

1. We don’t overcharge our clients,

2. We provide the best customer service beyond the call of duty,

3. Our work is of the best quality.

We promise to provide you with the best product, the best price, and the best service possible. ​If you are not satisfied with our service, we will give you your money back. Go ahead and try us for 30 days.