Political Website Redesign


All that we put into your political website architecture venture is custom. Disregard those do-it-without anyone’s help site developer devices and inconvenient structure formats. We counsel, structure, create, and showcase your site the expert way



Simple Setup

Running for office? Launch your political campaign website today with our political campaign website designs

Professional Appearance

Choose from more than 30 professionally-designed political website themes. Have existing campaign colors? No problem! We’ll be happy to match them. If you have an existing yard sign or logo, we’ll be happy to reformat it to fit your site.

Click here to view a sample Campaign Partner website, or view our view our campaign website gallery here.

Accept campaign contributions online

Accept Online Donations

You’ll be able to accept online donations from the moment you launch your site. Best of all – we don’t take a dime of your hard-earned donations. Use our online contribution form to accept payments by mail, through Stripe, PayPal or Authorize.net, or link your donation button to any third-party payment processor.

View a Sample Contribution Form Here

Track important information about volunteers and contributors

Manage Volunteers & Donors

Campaign Partner makes it easy to mobilize and organize your volunteers thanks to the integrated volunteer signup form and contact management system. Need a list of everyone who’s volunteered for phone banking? No problem! You can quickly and easily sort and export your volunteers based on their signup preferences. You can import your existing contacts, and export contacts for use with almost any software.

Screenshot of events calendar

Schedule Events

Schedule and manage campaign events. Creating an event is as simple as clicking a date in the calendar.Create recurring events, add driving directions and an interactive map just by clicking a button.

Political campaign fundraising

Track Donations & Site Traffic

Set and monitor campaign contribution goals, site visitors, page views and other key metrics.

Campaign photo gallery

Create Photo Galleries

Upload photos, create galleries, and add captions through the control panel. Campaign Partner automatically creates slideshows from your photos.

Screenshot of email signup

Build Your Supporter Database

Volunteers, contributors and email subscribers are automatically added to your supporter database. Campaign Partner even integrates with the email newsletter service MailChimp, enabling subscribers to be added directly to your email lists.

Screenshot of translation widget

Instant Translations

Instant translations from Google make your content accessible to all prospective voters.

Screenshot of page backup

Automatic Backups

With our automatic page backups, you can easily undo changes and revert to previous versions of your pages.

Screenshot of social media

Social Media Integration

Connects to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts, and provides one-click access for visitors to share your website with their friends and family through Twitter, Facebook, and email. Easily add your own Facebook and Twitter feed.